Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Pet Peeve Wednesday!

Pet peeves... we all have our personal's a few of mine...

Don't put your money on the counter...put it in the cashier's hand.  If you do put it down on the counter, don't be surprised if the cashier puts your change down on the counter too.  And speaking of the grocery store, here's a little before and after photo of some shopping carts....
Nest your shopping carts takes literally two seconds, and look at how much room there is now for the next person to put their cart into the cart corral too.

Here's another've eaten at your local chain fast food restaurant 2,647 times ('ve been following you around counting)...and this time you've been standing in line for 7 know what they have...they have pictures on the menu...there's no excuse for not being ready to order when you reach the front of the line.  And speaking of fast food restaurants...don't be a slob...your mother isn't here to clean up after you.

Finally...the striped areas next to the handicapped spaces are for extra room and maneuverability for people in wheelchairs and other assisted mobility devices.  Likewise, the fire lanes in front of the store are for the fire trucks to park in if the store catches on fire.  Neither of them are so your lazy privileged ass doesn't have to park in the parking lot with the rest of us.  And while we are talking about people that can't park...
Maybe if you can't park a super duty pickup, you should have bought a Honda Civic.

Happy Peeving!

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