Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Welcome to Go Doug Go...a random collection of this and that. I am Mr. Doug, and this is my first experience blogging, so we will be growing into this together. I hope you enjoy your time here and find something that is of value to you.

A little bit about myself...I share my life with the awesome person hereafter to be known as Mrs. Doug, and a psychotic 5 year old we'll call Mini Doug.  I also live with three cats and two fish...(although sometimes I wish I didn't).  When I'm not working, I spend my time cooking, building, painting, and fixing anything and everything.

In the days to come, I will be featuring some of my miscellaneous projects and activities, as well as my thoughts and ideas about this thing called life. If you follow along on my journey, you'll find paper model airplanes, trains and cars, ships and tanks. There will be gardening experiments, home improvement projects and cooking attempts. I will ramble about life and share my thoughts. Hopefully it will be a blast.

Happy reading!